Conference Program

In 2015, the conference program will pull the camera back on the field of HR through its theme,Transforming the World of Work. Even as a profession with a history of constant evolution, HR is up against change as never before. The drivers are two-fold: Breakthroughs in science and technology and global and demographic shifts. This three-day conference will examine this critical time in history, through stimulating conversations with business and HR experts. Participate in the discussion about the business challenges of today and tomorrow, HR's role, and how organizations are transforming the world of work. Attendees will join speakers in discussing:

  • Shifts in the global market and demographics and their impact on talent mobility, skills gaps and unemployment
  • The new science and technology driving business, including neuroscience, social science and big data
  • Managing unprecedented change within an organization, with strategies for obtaining complete executive buy-in and transitioning legacy business models

Concurrent sessions

Leadership Accountability in the New World of Work

Business and HR leaders often express frustration at their leadership’s lack of accountability in driving and managing strategic changes, making tough decisions, and engaging and developing talent. In this session, Dr. Vince Molinaro will discuss the results of a research study conducted by Knightsbridge, in partnership with HRPS, aimed at defining leadership accountability, understanding the extent to which a lack of accountability affects the leadership of North American organizations, and identifying organizational barriers within business culture and practices that inhibit the development of leadership accountability.

Presenter: Dr. Vince Molinaro, managing director of Leadership Practices, Human Capital Solutions, Knightsbridge.

Co-Presenter: Stuart Kaplan, President, Knightsbridge USA.

Panelists: Larry Fultz, SVP and CHRO, The Limited and Devin C. Carty, Chief Talent & Strategy Officer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

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Redesigning Performance Management for the Innovation Age

The traditional annual performance appraisal process has become antiquated as more companies migrate to a system that encourages regular goal setting and frequent feedback between employees and their supervisors. In this session, a panel of representatives from renowned organizations will discuss how they transformed their performance appraisal system into a year-long exercise in “performance energizing.”

Presenters: Dr. Anna Tavis, executive editor, People & Strategy Journal. Rob Ollander-Krane, senior director, Org. Performance Effectiveness, GAP. Steven Hunt, senior vice president, Customer Value, Success Factors. Dan Ward, senior principle and leader for Strategic Workforce Planning, MITRE. Dr. Josh Davis, head of research, Neuroleadership Institute.

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Mindful Leadership

In this dynamic session, Global Leadership Council Chairman Dr. Joshua Ehrlich will share research that demonstrates how mindfulness increases productivity and leadership impact. Specifically, Ehrlich will uncover how mindfulness enhances concentration, creativity and resilience; shapes confidence and leadership presence; accelerates the ability to absorb complex information; and clarifies focus, values and success measures. Come ready to glean mindful coaching and strategic thinking skills.

Presenter: Dr. Joshua Ehrlich, chairman, Global Leadership Council

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Thriving at Work: How Civility Creates Sustainable Performance

While leaders are implementing initiatives to cut costs and maximize productivity, chances are they are missing a potentially devastating expense: the cost of incivility. As employees exchange seemingly inconsequential inconsiderate words and deeds, productivity and collaboration plummets, and norms are shredded. If employees are behaving badly toward one another, it means that individuals and teams are losing time, effort, energy, focus, creativity, loyalty and commitment. The effects of incivility flow to customers and external stakeholders, damaging relationships and influence. In this session, you will identify the ways incivility negatively influences performance and robs the bottom line, and discuss what you can do to enhance your effectiveness and craft a more civil work environment.

Presenter: Christine Porath, associate professor, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and a consultant to The Energy Project

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How Workspace Design Impacts Organizational Performance

Workplace design is a key lever in increasing - or when done poorly, decreasing - cognitive function, productivity, and creativity. In this session, Bill Browning, a thought leader in sustainable building design with a key role in creating the U.S. Green Building Council and its LEED™ rating system, will address the open work-space debate, absenteeism, “presenteeism,” productivity measures, and retention and organizational brand as they intersect with well-being, productivity, and design.

Presenter: Bill Browning, founder, Terrapin Bright Green

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Baha Mar Resort: Transforming the Caribbean Experience with Effective Talent Management

Faced with governmental provisions requiring the majority of employees be Bahamian, Baha Mar Resort, in collaboration with Towers Watson, developed and is currently launching an employee engagement strategy and a comprehensive, integrated talent management strategy to help catalyze success. In this session, you will hear the Baha Mar story focused on several areas:

  • The unique vision for the resort and the critical talent management challenges and approaches
  • The Baha Mar Academy initiative to create and execute an integrated talent management strategy aligned to its campus-wide competency model
  • The development of an employee engagement program to help foster the culture needed to drive high performance and differential value
  • Related research insights from Towers Watson’s 2014 Global Workforce and Global Talent Management and Rewards Studies

Presenters: Kristin Wells, HR director, Baha Mar Academy; Keith Caver, Americas practice leader, Talent Management and Organizational Alignment, Towers Watson,  Magdalena Hamya, senior vice president of human resources, Baha Mar Academy; and Sarah Froning, senior consultant, Organizational Surveys and Insight, Towers Watson.

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Purpose Transformation: Start with the individual

The future of the workforce is demanding purpose and prioritizing relationships, impact and personal growth. How can an organization take actionable steps to build a culture that prioritizes purpose? In this interactive session, Imperative’s co-founder Arthur Woods will share the latest research on employee empowerment and how to scale it within organizations. In addition to learning the organizational implications leaders attending will have the opportunity to reflect personally on what gives them purpose at work and what that means for their own organizations.

Presenter: Arthur Woods, co-founder and COO, Imperative

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Technology and the Future of Work

Technology is having a profound effect on individuals, organizations and the world at large.  It is fundamentally changing the way that work is structured and executed.  It brings with it powerful solutions to complex problems AND creates far-reaching (often unintended) consequences:

  • Jobs are no longer tied to space or time allowing increased personal flexibility and there is assumed 24/7 availability
  • Innovation creates interesting and fun work and creates killer competition
  • Work can be acquired “just in time” and the employee, employer contract has not been replaced with a sustainable relationship model
  • Technology is enabling employees a greater voice and change is no longer only top down
  • Transparency can be a blessing and a curse

This interactive session with explore the latest research, applications and assumptions regarding the impact of technology on work.  Industry examples of how technology is being used to fuel innovation, collaboration and culture change will be shared. We will also discuss trends and challenges emerging in this new digital age.  There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to share their best practices, their most interesting failures and their predictions for the future.

Presenters: Mike Bergelson, CEO, Everwise and Kathleen Ross, EVP, Leadership Development, Healthy Companies International.

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Is your organization prepared for the rise of the millennial generation? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 millennials will make up over half of the U.S. workforce.  This interactive panel of future HR leaders will discuss what drives them, their interests and values and how organizations can better prepare and understand this next generation of leaders.  

Moderator: Valerie Norton, VP, Talent Management and Acquisition, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Panel members: Spiro Koltsaklis, Business Process Analyst, BPE, Comcast Cable; Frank Sofia, Director, HR, Global Sales, SAP;  Ruta Nanivadekar, Training Specialist, Leadership Development & Talent Management, Aramark;  Stephanie Safchuck, Compensation Analyst, Corporate Compensation, Leidos

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The New Science of Organizations: 5 Modern Principles To Live By

Driven by the daunting complexity of large organizations, leaders have often treated HR as an art, relying on gut intuition and simple frameworks to make some of their most important business decisions. However, the advent of new technologies, big data, and advanced analytics calls for a more scientific approach to complement the art of building organizations.

In this session, Chris Gagnon shares the latest thinking from McKinsey & Company and reveals a set of modern guiding principles for managing organizational design, culture, talent, and leadership that organizations should bear in mind to achieve long-term success. Real-life company examples are included. Come ready for an engaging and interactive discussion.

Presenter: Chris Gagnon, Solution Partner, McKinsey & Company

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Phillips 66 Succession Management: What Would You Do If You Were a Multi-Billion Dollar “Start-Up?”

Becoming an independent company in 2012 brought with it a change in structure and new leadership priorities. Driven by the CEO and the board of directors, this included a desire to gain an in-depth understanding of the strength of its senior leadership and to build a robust succession plan at the top of the business. Underpinning this was the need for organizational agility and a high-performance culture. Hear how Phillips 66 assessed current leaders, identified strengths, and aligned talent to address business challenges and activate the organization’s key strategies.

Presenters: RJ Heckman, President, Leadership and Talent Consulting, Korn Ferry and Chantal Veevaete, former senior vice president, HR, Phillips 66

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